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Unlock more creativity with our intuitive tools.

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Numerous benefits for the students

Makerstudio offers an intuitive all-in-one package for design and fabrication. The software allows for fast iterations and is available across all devices, while maintaining a flat learning curve.

We respect your students' privacy.

We can deploy complete anonymous user groups, to have no link between students and accounts.

Fully cloud-based.

All files are safely stored in the cloud. No need to install software, so compatible with all devices (including Chromebooks.)

MakerStudio is foolproof.

Students can’t mess up system settings or machine parameters, giving them the freedom to explore.


And this is not the end!

We are constantly working to make MakerStudio better and enhance it with new features, machines and tools. Our ambitions are far beyond current capabilities.

Use our content in your class.

Make use of our carefully created content to use MakerStudio in an educational environment, or use it as a start to create your own projects for your class.

Optimized user experience for the teachers

The Makerstudio software offers an optimized workflow for collecting, correcting and conversion of designs to machine files. More happiness for you and the learners! The dashboard* will allow teachers to keep track of your students’ work and progress in the blink of an eye.

*to be released by end Q2

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