Last week we were honored to hand over the Scribit Drawing Robot to the proud students of Lyceum Aalst. They took part in our Earth Day competition and their amazing designs stood out to us the most. They enthusiastically got to work with MakerStudio and made unique pieces of art with a powerful story.

Class 2C of Lyceum Aalst won the Earth Day Competition

This competition was the perfect opportunity for the students to express themselves creatively with MakerStudio. STEM teacher Ruben Kiekens explains that they started with a key sentence: “The earth is our home, be gentle with it”. The students immediately dived into the templates in MakerStudio and each delivered a design where one word of the key phrase was integrated. Using cardboard, crafting materials and folding techniques, they turned their 2D design into an assembled 3D artwork which can now brighten up their classroom.

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