16 MAY 2022

Version 1.11.3

What’s improved

  • Automatically convert text objects to vector paths when switching to fabrication mode
  • Spaces now appear in a fixed order in the space selector (bottom right corner): (1) design space (2) fabrication spaces (laser cutting, drawing robots, vinyl cutting, embroidery, etc.)
  • Copy-paste with shortcuts now also works in the side panel with shape properties. You can also use the right-click context menu to copy-paste shape property values
  • Toolbar will resize itself if you resize the application window

12 MAY 2022

Version 1.11.2

What’s improved

  • Removing text objects
  • Satin column stroke in embroidery
  • Side panels and notifications no longer collide
  • Multiline text to path conversion
  • Export to PDF image compression optimization
  • Embroidery fabrication: Shape on the canvas takes the color of the layer it was assigned to in the layers panel

29 APRIL 2022

Version 1.11.1

What’s improved

  • Deleting a file from cloud storage
  • Preserving the alignment of objects when copy pasting multiple objects
  • Generating machine files multiple times in the fabrication space
  • Color layers in the Scribit fabrication preview
  • Password reset emails

25 APRIL 2022

Version 1.11.0

What’s new

  • Support for embroidery machines
    You can now process your design to an embroidery pattern and export the embroidery file for your embroidery machine. For now, we support the satin column and tatami fill stitch. Designs for embroidery machines also show a handy preview in the embroidery fabrication space, so that you’ll know exactly what your machine will do!
  • In-app notifications
    You will receive in-app notifications for instructions or important news, such as when a new version of MakerStudio is live.
  • Individual and group plans
    Users will be able to onboard directly on MakerStudio, both for individual or team use. In version 1.11.0 there are free and premium plans for individual use and for teams. and a free plan for teams. From now on, basic free subscriptions only allow a limited amount of machine file exports. With premium subscriptions, we introduce credit-based machine file exports in MakerStudio.
  • Importing images
    You can easily import .png and .jpg images by dragging them onto the canvas from your file manager.
  • Hatch fill pattern
    Hatch fill is our newest image processing feature that can be applied to imported images. It will be available in all premium plans.

What’s improved

  • Box generation in multiple languages
  • Team subscriptions can be activated again
  • More efficient detection of connectivity issues
  • The selected dimensions of the canvas will be stored in the app. When you reload the page or log in again it will automatically retrieve the previously selected dimensions.